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Suits You

Galya from Russia has posted a video question to the Daily Dose of English request page at Linguaspectrum. Over to you, Galya... Hello. My name is Galya and I'm from Russia. I'd like you to explain what's the difference between phrases to fit, to go with, to become, to suit and to match. Thank you. Have a nice day. Well Galya, let's have a look at each of the expressions in turn, shall we? They all apply to clothing.

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I can chop down a tree and I can chop up a tree. And the fact I can chop it down and chop it up gave me the idea that chop might be a useful word to teach in a Daily Dose of English.

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Belt is something with which you hold up your trousers. It's also a word that is used in some common expressions in English. Today, we're going to have a quiz about some expressions in English that use the word belt. I'll give you the correct answers at the end of this Daily Dose of English. There will be some sentences on the right that will give you some examples of how each expression is used. Use these to help you choose the right answer. Pause the video while you read them.

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Prefixes and suffixes (those little bits we add to the beginning or end of words) play a very important role in English. Learn these suffixes and prefixes and you can dramatically increase your vocabulary. The Daily Dose of English looks at the rather informal suffix, -ish, which is a great way to approximate.

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Now snails may not be the most attractive or interesting creatures on the planet, but have you ever stopped to consider what a snail is? Have you ever taken a close look at one? Well, snails are gastropods. They have single coiled shell and they are found all over the world. I found this one this morning in the park. It gave me the idea to make a Daily Dose of English about snails. Thanks to digital camera technology, we can at take an up close and personal view of this particular snail.

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Well Done!

Hello and welcome to another Daily Dose of English. Today’s request is a video request from St Petersburg, Russia. "Hello Richard. I’m Andrei from St Petersburg, Russia. It’s very nice to meet you actually. Thank you so much for your videos. Well, could you please put me in the picture about one simple instance? Here goes. A girl did her job very well, or a girl has done her job very well. How do I have to compliment her for her job? Well done? Good for you? Attagirl? What else can I say to her in this case? And what can I say to you, Richard, for your brilliant job next time, apart from thanks? Goodbye."

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Model Numbers

Model numbers are everywhere. On everything we buy. If we need to quote a model number, we need to do it properly. These are my ideas about how best we can do this.

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Today’s Dose is the request of Alex from Russia. She’s asked “Dear Richard, could you make a video about universe, space, aliens? Alex has also kindly supplied a list of suggested vocabulary. As I’ve said to Alex in the past, I figured that if aliens did visit the Earth, they would need to learn to communicate. The best way for them to communicate would be in English. The best way for them to master the language would be to take private lessons with me online. In no time at all they could have a level of English sufficient for them to say… “Take me to your leader!” So, if you’re watching out there on the edges of the solar system, I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. You can easily book lessons through my online school at Linguaspectrum.com.

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Romeo and Juliet

Today, I am going to tell you the story of Romeo and Juliet in a somewhat less elegant and considerably shortened form to that which William Shakespeare originally wrote. Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet are the children of two families who don’t get along together. Despite family differences, Romeo and Juliet fall in love when Romeo gatecrashes a party at her father’s house. It is love at first sight. Romeo goes to see Friar Lawrence who agrees to marry the two lovers in secret. The friar hopes that the marriage will end the long-standing dispute between the two families.

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Find... You can find a job. You can find fortune. You can find happiness. You can find out. This means to discover. Let’s find out how we can use find, shall we?

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