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English classes through Skype wherever you are in the world!

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Hundreds of free Video English Lessons for you to enjoy at YouTube.

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English Activation Packs

Activate your English today for the price you want to pay.

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Daily Doses of English

I created the Daily Doses of English videos while experimenting with ways to teach as many students English as possible.

The Most Complete English Course Ever!

I want to create a complete English course to help students master all aspects of English in the easiest and most comprehensive way possible.

Activation Packs Won

After experimenting with dozens of ways to reach out to English students and teach them English, I finally settled on English Activation Packs.

English Activation Packs will cover all of the following aspects of English grammar: abbreviations, acronyms, adjectives, adjunct, adverbs, auxiliaries, causatives, clauses, collocations, commas, complementizers, compound verbs, compounds, conditionals, conjunctions, contractions, copulas, definiteness, demonstratives, determiners, determiners, diminutives, double negatives, elliptical constructions, English articles, English prefixes, expletives, frequentatives, grammatical aspect, grammatical case, grammatical conjugation, grammatical gender, grammatical mood, grammatical number, grammatical person, grammatical voice, hyphenation, intensifiers, interjections, interrogatives, inversion, irregular verbs, modal verbs, modifiers, negation, nouns, passive voice, periphrasis, phrasal verbs, phrases, plurals, portmanteau words, possessives, predicates, prepositions, pronouns, style, subjunctives, suffixes, verb usage, verbs, word order, and much, much more.

Activating Your English

It's one thing to do some exercises alone in a book, even the best books on the market, but this comprehensive English course takes learning to a whole new level as you can get instant feedback from the teacher as you work through the unique English Activators included in every lesson.

These English Activators will show you exactly what English to use in every situation and give you plenty of much-needed practice at the same time.